Difference between Aboveground and Underground

To be successful in saving the planet, resistance will need both aboveground and underground components. Broadly speaking, aboveground groups do not carry out risky illegal actions, and are organized in ways that maximize their ability to use public institutions and communication structures. Underground groups exist primarily to carry out illegal or repressed activities and are organized in ways that maximize their own security and effectiveness. Every budding activist must choose between working aboveground or underground: there is no middle path.

The Deep Green Resistance movement, including DGR Asia Pacific, is an aboveground movement. All of us who are involved with DGR have actively chosen the aboveground path. We have never and will never engage in any underground activities. We do not hold information or entertain queries regarding any potential underground actions.

Learn more about aboveground and underground groups Maintaining a firewall between aboveground and underground groups is an integral part of building a security culture.

This is the Asia Pacific chapter for Deep Green Resistance